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Yekaterinburg: Sale at Greenwich Mall

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 26, 2017. A luna park-style sales night will be held in Yekaterinburg’s Greenwich Mall on October 27; there will be a prize-winning lottery (prize fund: RUR 250,000), Obschestvo Malysheva 73’s press service reports.

Visitors to the event can enjoy the excellent deals, large money prizes given out to shoppers, and an eccentric entertainment program. A three-meter-tall pink elephant (a real one) will be welcoming all the guests at the entrance.

‘There will be a big piano in the hall for professional and amateur performers alike. Also, everyone will be able to join a bike orchestra: to get the best sound, four people need to spin the pedals simultaneously. Every pair of wheels is in control of a particular part of the performance (the guitar, the vocals, the keyboard, and the bass sound),’ the press service says.

An unusual game of pool will also be available: the players will have to use their legs to hit the pockets. Additionally, Sharmanka Theater will present Silver Hoof, a children’s play based on a fairly tale short story by the local writer Pavel Bazhov. Finally, customization services will be offered to those willing to give a new twist to their shopping routines.

As for refreshments, popcorn and sugar candy will be on offer.

Any customer who spends RUR 5,000 or more at the mall can take part in the prize-drawing; all you need to do is register your receipt at a special stand next to Greenwich Cinema.
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