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Sverdlovsk Region: Used Cars 8% Cheaper

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 24, 2017. A used car cost RUR 487,000 RUR on average on Sverdlovsk Region’s car market in the third quarter of the year. This is 8% less than one year earlier and 16% less than the country’s average (RUR 577,000), avto.ru reports.

Used cars grew a bit older, from 9 years and 5 months to 10 years and 5 months on average. In the country on the whole, used cars for sale are now 10 years and 2 months old on average.

Lada makes are still No.1 in terms of both demand and supply (19.1% of all cars customers look for and 21.6% of all cars for sale). In the country on the whole, Lada is also the market leader (13.6% and 17.7%, respectively).

‘As for other brands, even the next best-selling brand enjoy considerably smaller demand (and their supply is also much less impressive). Toyota is currently No.2 on the market, followed by Nissan and Hyundai,’ avto.ru says.
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