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Charity Fund Opens Workout Site in Yekaterinburg

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 3, 2017. Malyshev 73 Society’s charity fund sponsored the construction of a workout site in Yekaterinburg designed to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities and the elderly.

Special enhanced-safety bars and apparatuses were installed next to the welfare center at 33 Reaktivnaya St.

‘The idea is to help our visitors both to improve their health and get some sociocultural rehabilitation, and doing sports is one way to achieve this. Since we only have a small gym and an exercise therapy room, there wasn’t enough room for everyone. Besides, we wanted our patients to work out in the open air: for people with mental disabilities, this is a way of communicating with the world outside,’ says Director of Oktyabrsky District Social Welfare Center Oxana Antonova.

The workout appliances were carefully selected so as to fit senior citizens’ and people with disabilities’ capacities. Safety was the primary criterion there.
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