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Russian Copper Company to Raise Karabashmed’s Capacity

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 31, 2017. Russian Copper Company’s Karabashmed in Karabash, Chelyabinsk Region is now working on the assembly of a new, fully automated copper-casting line and three new 150,000-kg converters, the company press service reports.

The equipment upgrade will mean the plant’s production capacity will rise 50% compared with the year 2014, that is, up to 150,000,000 kg of crude copper a year (including up to 130,000,000 kg of crude copper obtained from mineral stock.

In order to keep up with the increased production capacity, the plant is planning to also invest more in ancillary departments and filtering facilities. For one, the plant’s energy department and its oxygen plant are to undergo major reconstruction; also, a new manufacturing water filtering facility will be completed, along with retooling of the plant’s sulphur acid department to raise its sulphur-containing gas recycling capacity.

Production upgrades at Karabashmed will result in both enhanced output and better gas recycling, which is expected to reduce the plant’s environmental impact dramatically. The most up-to-date Finnish converters will be fitted with the latest gas-filtering units to recycle converter gases as efficiently as possible. Also, the plant has already got its furnace gases 100% recycled.
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