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Lastochka Gets Certified

23.11.2016. : public
UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 23, 2016. Lastochka ES2G, a high-speed electric train with integrated Russian components and systems, got certified for compliance with the Customs Union Technical Regulations. A special certificate was also issued for the high-speed train bogie also designed and produced at the same plant, Sinara Groups press service reports.

The Interdepartmental Design, Development, & Testing Assessment Committee met at Ural Locomotives in October. The committee comprised representatives of Russian Railways, Ural Locomotives, railway industry-related research institutes, and equipment suppliers. In the end, a decree was signed stating that the train fully complied with all the technical regulations and that a pilot batch of Lastochka trains with integrated Russian components should be produced soon, the press service says.

All of the trains systems and components got tested at Gorky and Moscow Railways and Russian Railways testing ranges. Such latest Russian developments as an upper-level control system, air conditioning system, passenger/public address system, and the train bogie with a Russian braking system got tested among other components.