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UBRD Makes Online Shopping Easier

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 20, 2016. The Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development (UBRD) made online shopping easier for its customers, the bank’s press service reports.

To confirm a transaction, now you just need a one-time unique 3D Secure password that gets texted onto your cell phone (if you signed up for card bank transaction text alerts).

Online transactions only used to get confirmed with the help of a permanent password that a customer had to create beforehand either in their e-banking account or during the first payment following identification online. One-time passwords mean a customer doesn’t have to hassle with creating passwords beforehand, and shopping gets faster and easier.

The new confirmation technology comes automatically with all the new bank cards issued after August 16, 2016, as well as with all the cards that haven’t yet been used for online payments (and therefore have no connected passwords created by customers already). If a customer set a permanent card password prior to August 16, 2016, this password will have to be used till the card expires.
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