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Sverdlovsk Region: Grocery Costs 7.3% More

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 27, 2016. The price of a month’s supply of essential food items rose by 7.3% in Sverdlovsk Region since the start of the year and came to 4,086.7 RUR in late June, Sverdlovskstat reports. At the same time, one year earlier the increase stood at as much as 15.8% in June 2015 against December 2014.

On the whole, food items grew 3.3% more expensive (3.1% more expensive if you exclude alcohol drinks); last year, the price increase came to 11.4% and 12.1%, respectively.

Sverdlovskstat reports the price of ice cream went up by 14.8%, that of canned fruit by 11.9%, that of grains and beans by 10.5%, while the price of eggs dropped by 3.2%, that of pork by 2.2%, and that of poultry by 0.6%.

Menu prices at cafes and restaurants rose by 3.1% compared with the start of the year: lunches at restaurants and cafes are now 4.9% and 4.5% more expensive on average, respectively, while having lunch at a fast food place is now 1% more expensive.
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