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Yekaterinburg: 50% say their pay shrinks in 2015

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 27, 2016. 49% of Yekaterinburg residents who took part in a recent survey said the pay from their primary employers had gone down in 2015, Zarplata.ru and E1. Rabota’s research findings indicate.

61% of respondents in this category said their pay had declined by around 30%, 22% said the decrease was 30% to 50%, and every one in five (18%) said their pay had shrunk by over 50%.

37% of those surveyed said their income had remained the same, while salaries of 14% of respondents actually went up by 10% to 30% (77% of respondents in this category) or as much as 50% or more (5%).

Last year was a hard one for Yekaterinburg labor market: 21% of those surveyed said they had been made redundant or lost their jobs for some reason. Every one in five admitted they seriously feared losing their position in 2015.
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