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Yekaterinburg: Price of land allotments goes down 17%

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 27, 2015. The price of land allotments in Yekaterinburg dropped by 17% compared with the start of the year, N1.RU and E1.Nedvizhimost’s research findings indicate.

The market supply went up by nearly 2.5 times in the meantime and reached its all-time peak in November 2015, despite the expected seasonal downfall.

The two estate portals report the number of land allotments for sale in Yekaterinburg and the rest of Sverdlovsk Region came to 2,000 last November, increased dramatically in early 2015 and, predictably, reached a peak at the beginning of summer. The current supply and demand ratio is anything but typical of the fall, as the supply keeps growing and amounts to nearly 5,000 allotments at the moment.

Prices have been going down from 82,000 RUR per 100m2 on average a year earlier to 68,000 RUR this month. These plummeted in December 2014, remained at 63,000 RUR in the first half of 2015, rose slightly in the second half of the year and currently remain unstable.
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