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Yekaterinburg: Only 42% of employees get official pay

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 14, 2015. Only 42% of Yekaterinburg-based survey respondents get paid officially. 38% of those surveyed said an officially declared salary was not their main priority in the choice of employer; they would be willing to get paid under the table in the future, E1. Rabota and Zarplata.ru refer to the findings of their survey (involving 2,643 people) as indicating.

38% of respondents admitted they were getting some portion of their salary paid under the table, while 20% of those surveyed said their entire salary was not getting officially declared.

53% of those getting paid partially under the table said over 50% of their pay was not officially declared. 33% said the undeclared share varied between 20% and 50%.

‘The usual scheme means one’s fixed salary gets declared officially while sales bonuses, premiums, and other extras get paid in cash,’ says Zarplata.ru’s PR Manager Olga Pavlyuchenko.

Most of respondents feel critical about the system: 39% of those surveyed gave it a negative and 19% a very negative assessment. 33% feel neutral about it and 9% feel positive.
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