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Sverdlovsk Region: People need psychiatrists more often

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 12, 2015. The number of psychiatrists’ patients kept rising in Sverdlovsk Region between January and September 2015 because of the area’s deteriorating economy, Dean of Sosnovy Bor Sverdlovsk Region Neurosis Clinic Mikhail Pertzel says.

‘People complain about their interpersonal communication problems as usual, but increasingly more men are coming in who feel they are failing as breadwinners and family security providers. This points to economic problems,’ he says.

Pertzel believes the number of neurosis cases will keep rising in the area.

Doctors also report on growing numbers of first-time illness cases among adolescents and of senility problems.

‘This year continues the trend for 2014, and more first-time cases get registered on a growing scale: 28% more among adolescents compared with 2010 (10% more compared with last year). There is a very noticeable trend among the elderly patients: senility psychosis cases are up by 61%,’ says Oleg Serdyuk, Sverdlovsk Region Health Ministry’s leading psychiatrist.
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