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Sverdlovsk Region's tax inflow goes up 13.6%

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 7, 2015. 149.4bn RUR worth of taxes were paid to the Russian Federation budget by Sverdlovsk Region's residents and businesses in the seven months of 2015; this was 13.6% more than a year earlier, the local division of Russia's Federal Tax Service reports.

43.7bn RUR were directed to the federal budget (up 7.7bn RUR, or 21.3%, on last year).

Most of this federal budget income (39bn RUR, or 89.2% of the overall amount) stemmed from VAT payments (covering domestic goods, work, and services and imported goods). This figure was 7bn RUR, or 22%, more than a year earlier.

3.9bn RUR came from corporate income tax (up 3.9bn RUR, or 26.7% on a year earlier).

As for Sverdlovsk Region budget, 86.7bn RUR worth of tax and non-tax payments were received, which exceeded the figures for a year earlier by 12.8%.

Most of the constituency's budget income stemmed from corporate income tax (37.4%) and private income tax (35.3%).
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