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Sverdlovsk Region employers’ proposed monthly pay drops 16%

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 31, 2015. The number of the unemployed in Sverdlovsk Region came to 32,528 people on July 1, 2015 (against 27,088 people a year earlier), the Labor & Employment Department reports.

40,828 people on the lookout for jobs got registered with the local employment services by the start of the month, 38,769 of them with no current employment. The registered unemployment rate thus came to 1.43% (compared with 1.17% a year earlier).

Forty-eight companies informed the employment agencies in the first half of the year that they were planning to lay off 5,962 people. 145 companies had 21,846 of their employees working part-time by July 1, 2015. Additionally, 14,314 people worked short hours, 7,464 workers had to face down time, and 68 workers were sent on unpaid leaves.

Employers advertised a total of 38,280 job openings by July 1, 2015 (against 54,291 a year earlier). 60.4% of these are blue-collar job vacancies.

The average monthly pay proffered by local employers amounted to 13,400 RUR, compared with 16,000 RUR a year earlier.
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