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UBRD deposits grow 65% in 2014

January 29, 2015. Corporates’ deposits at the Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development have been growing faster than the market’s average, Expert RA, an international rating agency, states in its monthly banks’ ratings. The amount of money deposited with the UBRD increased by 65% between December 1, 2013 and December 1, 2014, the bank’s press service reports.

‘Corporates’ deposits went up the most: the increase came to over 50% in the course of one year, which had to do with both the arrival of new customers and the growth of existing clients’ deposit volumes. Remarkably, the settlement account balances have remained more or less the same, which is definitely a good sign: quite a few banks had to face customer cash outflow in these unstable times. The UBRD, in its turn, managed to attract more money from both businesses and private customers through offering appealing terms and proving its reliability,’ says the bank’s Assets & Liabilities Management Director Victoria Ivanova.

According to Expert RA, corporates’ accumulated account balance exceeded 59bn RUR on December 1, 2014, which was 23.6bn RUR more than a year earlier.
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