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Uralvagonzavod Corporation declared Nizhniy Tagil’s No.1 charity supporter

December 26, 2014. Uralvagonzavod Corporation was declared the top charity supporter of Nizhniy Tagil: the enterprises and organizations which contributed greatly to the city’s development and to socioeconomically important projects were awarded at the Mayor’s end-of-year reception, the corporation’s press service reports.

‘What is more, Mayor Sergey Nosov also gave the plant the highest award introduced this year, the Nizhniy Tagil No.1 Charity Supporter Award. This silver plate is given to organizations and enterprises that have become top charity-doers thrice,’ the press service says.

In 2014, over 480m RUR were directed by local plants and organizations to charity projects, including some 255m RUR donated by Uralvagonzavod. The money was spent on organization of municipal events and funding sports schools and education and healthcare facilities of Nizhniy Tagil.

In addition to the corporation’s head plant receiving an award, thank-you letters were sent out to other member enterprises for their charity work. This year, Ural Transport Machine-Building Design Office supported Smorodinka Kindergarten, School 35, Bicycle Sports Federation, and the company’s long-service employee club. They also coordinated a number of green clean-up days. Uralcryomash directed money to repairs of Kindergarten 199 and of the army commissariat and organized a festive event for the company’s long-service employees to celebrate the plant’s 60th anniversary. Mayor Sergey Nosov also quoted Dmitri Rogozin, who thanked the enterprises involved in the launch of Angara and said not a single space object could have been launched without Uralcryomash.
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