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Ural Airlines direct over 500m RUR to charity in 2014

December 26, 2014. Ural Airlines was once again awarded with a thank-you letter from Governor of Sverdlovsk Region and Sverdlovsk Region Government for its noticeable contribution to charity projects in the area, the airline’s press service says.

The authorities commented on the company’s great corporate social responsibility and specific help to those in need this year.

In fact, the airline has received numerous government awards for its charity efforts before. In 2014, Ural Airlines directed over 565m RUR to sponsorship and charity projects, with most of the money spent on funding child travel with the company.

Besides, the air carrier has been funding plane trips to the Crimea this year and offered the Great Patriotic War veterans an opportunity to fly to memorable wartime sites and back free of charge.

Ural Airlines, Russian Defense Ministry, and Russian Internal Affairs Ministry have been offering discounted flights to the military for a few years now; in addition, the airline is a partner in the government program on discounted flights to the European part of Russia for people living in the Far East, extreme North, and Kaliningrad Region.
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