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PNTZ makes new type of weldless pipes for O&G industry

August 4, 2014. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant/PNTZ (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) made an experimental batch of steel weldless compressor pipes with Type F threaded joints. The first batch of this new pipe variety - 259,000 kg altogether, each pipe 89x6.5mm big and made of steel with enhanced mechanical properties – was shipped to Surgutneftegaz. 175,000 kg of steels that are 89x8mm big will be delivered to the company soon, the Group’s press service reports.

These pipes are special in that they have longer thread pitches, which means they can be used not only for repairs and technical jobs at the oil and natural gas wells in moderate and cold climates (down to 60 degrees centigrade below) but also for hydraulic fracturing; they can also be used in various environments, including corrosion-inducing ones with high hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide content.

The design particularities of Type F threads have also meant better operational characteristics of the new pipes. The thread pitch has been increased by 0.6mm (from 10 to 8 turns per inch), and there is no thread run-out (the spot where the thread turns into the smooth part of the pipe). This insures a 15% increase in the axial load capacity in comparison with regular compression pipes as well as better airproof properties; besides, the lack of a run-out makes it possible to perform multiple RIH/POOH operations without any damage to the thread. These characteristics have been proved in the course of testing the experimental samples at VNIITneft.

Other oil and gas companies have also taken an interest in Type F compression pipes. According to ChTZ experts, the demand for such pipes with extended threads comes to at least 7,000,000 kg a year on the home market, and PNTZ is fully capable of meeting this demand.
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