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ChTZ-Uraltrac launches German cleaning machine DURR

July 17, 2014. A modern cleaning machine made by the German firm DURR was recently launched at the motor division of ChTZ-Uraltrac (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation).
According to the corporation's press service, the cleaning machine is fitted with a Siemens sensor screen that allows the operator to program various washing and vacuum drying modes for connecting rods from different engine types.
'This is one of the final procedures in the technological chain of making engine connecting rods. Once the cleaning machine has been launched, the company acquired a full production cycle for these important engine parts that require high precision,' the plant reports.
The company had the equipment necessary for earlier procedures installed before: this machinery comprised engine connecting rod assembly lines and German numerical program control units HEC 500, from which the mechanical assembly process took off.
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