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Uralvagonzavod’s daughter enterprise sets quality, safety, and labor protection targets

May 20, 2014. Yurginsky Machine-Building Plant (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation) adopted a policy of and set targets for quality, environmental protection, labor protection, and industrial safety for 2014.

‘Yurginsky Plant is trying to enhance its long-term competitiveness and to increase its customers’ trust. Making hi tech, science-intensive, competitive produce as well as ensuring safe working conditions for staff and minimizing their environmental impact are the company’s top priorities in this. This is why an intergraded management system was introduced at the plant in 2008. The main ideas of the system are set out in the plant’s Mission: the intellectual aspiration for perfection on the way to well-being through ongoing improvements in the socially responsible business without any damage to human health or the environment,’ the corporation says.

This year’s quality goals were set with a focus on the creation of new products. This means some R&D in the field of making different versions of platform hoists and coal grinders. Besides, the plant is expected to design and make the fire truck ATz5.0-40 and the shearer-loader К750Yu for Oktyabrsky and to launch production upgrades and introduce new technologies at Mechanical Assembly Department 58 and at its metallurgical production departments.

The company’s environmental, labor protection, and industrial safety targets for 2014 cover a number of steps aimed at improving working conditions, preventing accidents, reducing environmental impact, and teaching the staff about labor protection and industrial safety.

The employees in many departments are now being instructed about the policies and targets and why they are important for the company’s development; they are also being explained how quality enhancement, bettering of labor protection and working conditions, and more efficient environmental protection result in greater competitiveness of Yurginsky Machine-Building Plant.
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