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MMK Group to direct over 2bn RUR to environmental projects in 2014

April 8, 2014. MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works) Director-General Pavel Shilyayev confirmed the company's Environmental Program for 2014, the company says.

This year's Environmental Program provides for 63 different projects worth a total of some 2,035m RUR, including 1,898m RUR to be spent on environmental projects within MMK itself, and 137m RUR will be spent within MMK Group enterprises.

The reconstruction of sulphur-filtering units in the ore mining and processing facility, the reconstruction of the coke gas cooling unit 1 in the coke department, and the construction of aspiration units at the blast furnace shop are this year's largest air protection projects. The total cost of 23 steps aimed at upgrading the current dust-catching facilities, cutting down on emissions, and maintaining the admissible technical properties of the emissions will come to nearly 1.4bn RUR.

Besides, 280m RUR will be spent on reconstructing the current water recirculation systems, cutting down on water pollution, and maintaining the water filtering facilities. The construction of a unit for de-watering of converter slime at the oxygen converter shop is the largest water conservation project for this year.
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