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Bank Koltso Urala to run interface in five languages

March 28, 2014. Bank Koltso Urala’s self-service terminals (which started appearing in the city at the end of last year) are going to get foreign-language interfaces throughout 2014. Their interfaces are expected to be translated into at least 5 different languages, including English, Chinese, and Tajik, the bank’s press service reports.

‘Any cardholder (including those who use cards issued by other banks) can use Bank Koltso Urala’s self-service terminals. The money order option and foreign language settings for non-speakers of Russian will be the next step on the way to improvement,’ says the bank’s Retail Sector Director Denis Belogurov.

According to Denis Belogurov, putting money into one’s mobile phone account proved the most popular service when the terminals had just been launched (6,925 transactions took place). Making one’s bank loan payment was the second most popular service (3,711 transactions were made) and topping up one’s deposit account was the third most popular one. Besides, the terminal users use them to top up their card account, transfer money from one card to another, pay their Internet and TV bills, and pay their tuition fees and housing bills.
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