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ChTZ-Uraltrac delivers 6 B10M bulldozers to Irkutsk

January 30, 2014. The employees of ChTZ-Uraltrac (a tractor plant that is a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) shipped 6 B10M bulldozers to the local division of Rosgeologia in Irkutsk, Uralvagozavod’s press service reports.

The vehicles are fitted with the forest-type protection of the Fleco variety, that is, a steel frame over the pit and the bonnet that protects both the driver and the vehicle from the falling trees. The bulldozers will actually be employed for all kinds of jobs, including clearing the strips of forest land off all vegetation so that a geological survey unit can be installed there.

These bulldozers without the ripping units will also be employed for towing things. All the tractors are fitted with the pre-start heating systems and Webasto pit heaters and can operate in the harsh Siberian climate.

The plant won the contract for the delivery of Chelyabinsk-made bulldozers in a tender where it competed with other manufacturers, primarily Chinese ones.
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