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ChTPZ undergoes audit to extend its API 5L license

November 7, 2013. An audit meant to extent the company’s API 5L license was carried out at Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Plant. The license entitles the plant to deliver goods that meet the API 5L annex H (that is, pipes that are meant to be used in acid environments), the company’s press service reports.

In the course of the procedure, the auditor – American Petroleum Institute (API), a non-profit international organization – looked very carefully into and analyzed the activity of the Technical Directorate’s divisions, of the departments for the production of electrically welded large-diameter pipes, and of the department for the production of hot-rolled weldless small-diameter pipes.

Special attention was paid to the product design and development and to geometrical parameters, mechanical properties, and chemical composition of the pipes as well as to their quality. The inspection resulted in a positive estimate, which means new markets are opening up for the company, the ones that ChTPZ Groups has never delivered to before.

At the moment, ChTPZ Group can offer its customers – oil and gas companies – pipes meant to be used in acid environments, including H2S containing ones, that meet the international API 5L annex H standards.
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