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UBT-Uralvagonzavod sets up scrap metal facility at ChTZ

22.10.2013. : public
October 22, 2013. UBT-Uralvagonzavod (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation) set up a scrap metal facility at Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (ChTZ), another member enterprise.

Uralvagonzavods press service says that the Director-General of UBT-Uralvagonzavod Sergey Varziyev, the companys First Deputy DG Igor Korkunov, Director of UBT-Ekologia Vladimir Danilkin, and a number of other important visitors were invited to cut the symbolic red ribbon in the course of the opening ceremony. ChTZ, on its part, was represented by Deputy DG for Corporate & Property Issues Alexander Anikin, Deputy DG for Sales & Marketing Andrei Sentyabov, and Marketing, Advertising, & PR Director Andrei Pecherkin.

The new scrap metal plant is designed to accept and process about 30,000,000 kg of scrap metal a year, says Director of UBT-Ekologia Vtorchermet Vladislav Galunchikov.

This should settle the issue of providing the basic facilities at ChTZ with furnace charge supplies.