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Yekaterinburg budget gets 1.87m RUR from administrative fines

August 14, 2013. 1.87m RUR worth of paid administrative fines was paid to Yekaterinburg budget in January-July 2013; these were the fines issued by the administrative committees for various offenses, the spokesperson for Yekaterinburg Council reports.

The committees looked into 1,998 protocols in these seven months; most of these were based on the quarterly inspections. In 187 cases, the proceedings were stopped due to various circumstances, in 429 cases, the offenders received just a warning, in 1,381 cases, they had to pay a total of 13,807,1m RUR worth of fines. The most common offenses, the Council reports, were failing to keep one's outdoor premises clean (37% of cases), failing to maintain the proper appearance of the facade of one's office building (15.3%), and unauthorized commercial activity (14%).

The offenders paid 2,442,700 RUR, of which 549,000 RUR were directed to Sverdlovsk Region's budget. The rest of the money was directed to Yekaterinburg budget.
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