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Ventilating equipment assembly is complete at Sportivnaya Substation

July 2, 2013. Over the last month, ventilating equipment has been assembled, 110-kilowatt lead-in insulators have been installed, and pull pits have been assembled at the 80-megawatt Sportivnaya Substation, Yekaterinburg Electric Grid Company reports.

Now this new addition to Yekaterinburg energy supply network located in Mashinnaya St-Tsiolkovsky St will supply electric power to the locals living in Mashinnaya St, Shchors St, some parts of Botanichesky District, and Southern Coach Terminal. What is more, the new substation will offer new opportunities for technological hook-up of new buildings.

Since the beginning of the year, all the building and assembly and finishing jobs have been completed in all the parts of the building, and lighting was introduced everywhere. Two new power transformers with the total capacity of 80 megawatts were installed. Yekaterinburg Electric Grid Company experts say that due to the introduction of channels, the personnel won’t have to dig up the substation premises to access the cable lines in the event of repairs.
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