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Yekaterinburg to Get 40 More Landmarks QR-Coded

March 21, 2013. Sverdlovsk Region Ministry for Public Property Management keeps getting Yekaterinburg landmarks QR-coded. 40 more sights will become available for a virtual tour on March 21, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Department reports.

Tomorrow, plates will be installed at two buildings at once. The first one is located at 5 Vosmoye Marta St. This is the building of Ural Scientific Research Chemical Institute designed by K.T. Babykin (1880-1960). The façade was decorated in accordance with the design by S.V. Dombrovsky (1883-1953). This is a great sample of an administrative building whose spacial and ornamental solutions are both eclectic and somewhat Soviet neoclassical.

The second building is located at 1 Vosmoye Marta St. and is a private dwelling from the 1930s. The five-storey house with a basement was built in the early 30s; this is one of the first buildings where new architectural forms rub shoulders with the elements of a manor with all its infrastructure.
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