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MMK to Save over 17.5m RUR on Energy

December 26, 2012. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) came up with an energy-saving report for MMK Group enterprises and its subdivisions in nine months of 2012.

Over the given period, 142 energy-saving measures were taken in order to save on electric power, fuel, drinking water, manufacturing water, heating energy, and air separation products spending. 15 more measures are now being implemented in accordance with the schedule. As a result of all the steps taken in the nine months of 2012, the company will have saved over 5.8m kilowatt-hours worth of energy by the end of the year; this amounts to more than 17.5m RUR.

A number of measures were aimed at reducing manufacturing and drinking water spending, including replacing and repairing pipelines and shut-off valves, installing water meters, repairing the shower stalls, and much else besides. As a result, MMK Group will reduce its drinking and manufacturing water spending by nearly 47,000 m3 and 2m m3 a year, respectively. As a comparison, the flow rate in the lower reaches of the River Ural comes to 250 m3 per second on average. This means the saved water could replace the flow of one of Russia’s largest rivers for two hours.
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