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Sverdlovsk Region’s Gross Crop Harvest Reaches 500,000 Tons

November 9, 2012. Sverdlovsk Region Agro-Industry & Food Minister Mikhail Kopytov says 43,600 tons of carrots have been harvested this year, which will fully cover the locals’ demand for this vegetable. Also, 12,500 tons of onions, 17,000 tons of beetroot, and 50,000 tons of cabbages were gathered this fall. As was reported earlier, the potato harvest amounted to 625,000 tons.

‘The vegetable yield is a little lower this year than last year due to the summer’s draught, but we did meet the public establishments’ needs in full. The vegetables are now being stored for winter,’ Minister Kopytov said.

He also said that Sverdlovsk Region’s harvesting campaign 2012 resulted in plenty of forage prepared for the farm animals.

The gross post-processed crop harvest reached 500,000 tons, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Department reports.
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