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Hyundai Sales Drop 22% in July

Passenger car sales rose by 21% in Yekaterinburg in the first half of the year. At the same time, the sales of certain brands are actually on the decrease, Auto-Dealer-Yekaterinburg, an analytical agency, reports.

According to their data, 56,365 new passenger cars were sold in Yekaterinburg in January-July 2012, which was 21%, or 9,801 cars, better than a year earlier.

In July, 8,924 cars were sold in the city, which was 23%, or 1,654 cars, more than in July 2011.

The agency’s press release states that even though Lada is definitely the best-selling make on Yekaterinburg market, this brand’s sales are gradually going down. The agency’s statistical data prove that Lada sales came to 8,719 cars in January-July 2011 and to 8,453 cars a year later: the decline came to about 3%. What is more, the sales of this brand in July 2012 were 4% lower than those in July 2011.

The press release also states that Hyundai sales are also dropping. According to the agency, this brand sold 446 cars in July 2012 against 575 cars in July 2011: the decrease amounted to about 22%.

Chevrolet proved the best-selling foreign car in July, just like in June and May. This brand has come very close to the sales figures for Toyota, the sales leader of the last seven months.
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