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Sinara Pipe Plant Holds Professional Skills Contest

Sinara Pipe Plant (a part of Pipe Metallurgical Company, TMK) held its traditional all-plant professional skills contest among the young ferrous metal production supervisors.

Five young women, the winners of the preliminary contest stages at the company’s Technical Supervision Department, joined in the final stage of the contest.

The board of jurors comprised heads and experts from Sinara Pipe Plant divisions and the representatives of the company’s trade union. They looked at the supervisors’ knowledge of how the devices and the equipment worked, at their expertise in the field of labor protection and industrial and fire safety, and at how well they knew the labor legislation and the collective agreement.

During the practical tests stage, the contestants had to complete the technical supervision of a pipe section and find the possible defects. The committee looked into the accuracy of measurements and the precision of the wording in describing the faults.

All the contestants were given special diplomas, and the winners were given money prizes. Also, the trade union gave these young women some valuable gifts.

The Technical Supervision Department’s performance stands for control over the quality of the products. Thus the quality of our goods depends on the supervisors’ work a lot. The results of the contest have shown that our experts are fully aware of the responsibility involved, are capable of confidently applying their skills at work, and are willing to grow as professionals,’ said Sinara Pipe Plant’s Personnel Management Director Vyacheslav Gagarinov.
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