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The Capital Project to Get 20bn RUR in Five Years

4bn RUR a year will be allocated for the financing of the regional specific program called The Capital and targeted at Yekaterinburg’s development. 20bn RUR will be directed to the program from the regional budget funds over five years, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev said on August 17 when he talked to the reporters on the eve of the City Festival.

‘We have agreed on the scale of the project and decided on 4bn RUR a year. The project’s top priority is construction and reconstruction of the transport infrastructure. There are so many drivers in the region’s capital at the moment that it is getting more and more difficult to use the roads in Yekaterinburg,’ the Governor added.

It has been specified that most of the money will be spent on the construction of several important junctions, and the rest – on enlarging the avenues, setting up additional lanes, changes in the direction of the traffic, and new traffic lights.

The final list of objects that the first funding will be spent on will be presented in September, when the budget for 2012 gets adjusted. It should be noted that the agenda of the press briefing covered things like the further development of the subway, the construction of kindergartens, the ways of attracting investment, the unfolding of the EXPO 2020 application campaign, and the City Festival celebrations.
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