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28 Towns in Sverdlovsk Region Don’t Collect Fines

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 2, 2012. Mayors of towns must be personally responsible for the performance of administrative committees, Head of the Governor Administration Yakov Silin said at a coordination meeting aimed at supporting law and order in Sverdlovsk Region.

‘We have some complaints to make to the local mayors in terms of how they comply with the administrative legislation. At the moment, 28 municipalities virtually gave up on the administrative committee’s performance. I feel the local authorities need to understand that if towns want to get financial incentives from us they need to make sure administrative fines get paid. This disciplines the population and ensures compliance with the legislation,’ Silin said.

At the moment, the main task is to coordinate the actions aimed at detecting and preventing administrative offenses and at making people and companies pay fines. The better part of all the fines imposed on the local residents remains unpaid, which affects the budget revenues.

The administrative bodies’ performance at all levels in 2012 resulted in over 231m RUR worth of revenues coming into Sverdlovsk Region budget and 167m RUR coming into the local budgets. Some attention also needs to be paid to collecting data on paid fines. At the moment, there are many cases when these data are submitted inaccurately, which leads to dubious reporting.
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