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Evraz Plc’s net profit goes down

Evraz Plc made $453m in terms of net profit by the end of 2011, which was 3.6% less than a year earlier, the company’s press service reports.

At the same time, Evraz’s revenues increased by 22.4% last year and amounted to $16.4bn. The company’s EBITDA went up by 23.3% and reached $2.89bn.

The enterprise’s gross profit soared by 27.7% and came to $3.92bn, while its operating profit increased by 39.8% and came to $1.86bn; the pre-tax profit rose by 37.9% and came to $873m.

As of December 31, 2011, the company’s total debt amounted to $7.2bn (compared with $7.8bn at the end of 2010). Its net debt came to $6.44bn (compared with $7.18bn on December 31, 2010).
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