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Titanium Valley presented in Rome

The special economic zone Titanium Valley was presented in Rome at the 1st international innovations forum called Italy-Russia.

Sverdlovsk Region’s Investment & Development Ministry reports that scientists from the University of Rome and representatives of direct investment funds, financial organizations, and export agencies have all taken an interest in the project. They were informed about the potential of this Verkhyaya Salda-based special economic zone as a basis for cooperation between the Russian and the Italian companies.

The next day, the project was presented in the course of a round table discussion dedicated to territorial industrial development. The first point to be discussed was the specialization of Titanium Valley and of the surrounding areas as well as the Ural sales markets’ prospects, the possibility for the Italian companies to take part in the infrastructure development on the special economic zone premises, and the willingness of Sverdlovsk Region’s top officials to support the incoming investors and residents.

Titanium Valley Management Company was invited to visit Italy’s main industrial regions next year and to present their project to the Italian business community with some help from the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
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