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Hearing of Oleg Fleganovs Bankruptcy Case Postponed

16.08.2011. : public
Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court put off the hearing of the case involving the founder of Omega Group Holding Oleg Fleganov till August 26, 2011, the courts press officer says. The court will have to consider Fleganovs insolvency status.

According to the data on this case available via the arbitration courts website, the decision to put off the hearing had to do with a petition of the provisional trustee, who was unable to provide a report on his activity or the information on the debtors financial state. Now according to these files, Fleganovs assets are worth 54m RUR, which is not enough to meet his creditors claims.

The claim against Oleg Fleganov was placed with the court by the Federal Tax Services Oktyabrsky division of Yekaterinburg on April 15, 2011. The Service wanted the defendant to be declared bankrupt. In fact, the court had already ruled that the business had to undergo bankruptcy proceedings a bit earlier.