13 December 2006 (13:00) Image and slogan alone are not enough for re-branding, says Viktor Nemikhin of BrokerCreditService Company Ltd.

13 December 2006 (12:58) Yekaterinburg Consumer Rights Committee gets three claims against Yugoria Insurance Company in eleven months of 2006

13 December 2006 (12:56) Officers of justice to examine HydroSpetsStroy Ltd., reports their trustee in bankruptcy

13 December 2006 (12:54) Snowless winter and warm weather prevent us from opening season, so we’re suffering losses, reports Zavialikha ski resort

13 December 2006 (12:52) Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil conducts first Managing Director School workshop

13 December 2006 (12:50) Average price of existing homes per square meter downtown goes up 4.8% over one month

13 December 2006 (12:48) Predicted post-CPP traffic imbalance avoided, claims MegaFon Deputy GD Alexei Nechiporenko

13 December 2006 (12:46) Uralvneshtorgbank awarded for completing European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Trade Financing Program

13 December 2006 (12:44) Legal definition of bank secrecy is still a burning issue, claims Deputy Chairman of Ural Bankers’ Union Evgeniy Bolotin

13 December 2006 (12:42) Sverdlvosk Gubernskiy Bank accepts Union Card payments for mobile service and satellite televison

12 December 2006 (15:00) SibAcademBank sums up results of its activity in eleven months of 2006

12 December 2006 (14:58) Raising tobacco prices not to result in cheap cigarette shortage, claims Omega Spirits Ltd.

12 December 2006 (14:56) Death of employee at mine of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company leads to inspection of mining companies by regional monitoring bodies

12 December 2006 (14:54) MegaFon Ural is a client-oriented mobile operator, says UralPromOborudovaniye Production Association

12 December 2006 (14:52) If we stop getting produce of Panasonic, our sales will drop dramatically, claims Megalex Ltd.

12 December 2006 (14:50) Next increase in capitalization of insurers to drive local ‘pocket’ companies out of the market, says Ingosstrakh Insurance Company in Yekaterinburg

12 December 2006 (14:48) Banking networks do re-branding to hit a particular target audience, reports GD of Blagodat Securities Investment Company Vsevolod Chaschin

12 December 2006 (14:46) Greater excise duties might lead to cheap cigarette shortage, claims Megamart Trade Center

12 December 2006 (14:44) SKB-Bank’s consumer loan portfolio goes up 300% in ten months of 2006

12 December 2006 (14:42) Investigation of HydroSpetsStroy activity still goes on, says local department of internal affairs

12 December 2006 (14:40) Volume of loans given by UralTransBank to natural persons for 181 days to 1 year goes down by 29.7% in January-November 2006, reports Central Bank of Russia

11 December 2006 (11:20) Russia needs e-agreements, claims President of Association of Regional Russian Banks Anatoliy Aksakov

11 December 2006 (11:18) The further ROSNO-UralTransBank conflict unwinds, the harder it is to hit their reputation

11 December 2006 (11:16) Retailers’ combining against Panasonic has nothing to do with us, reports Simphonia retail chain

11 December 2006 (11:14) SKB-Bank SKB-bank sets up subsidiary in Chelyabinsk

11 December 2006 (11:12) Republic of Austria introduces Honorary Consulate in Yekaterinburg

11 December 2006 (11:10) Re-branding must result in management that is more effective and be both client- and employee-oriented, says Mediator Ltd.

11 December 2006 (11:08) We have been successfully using MegaFon Ural for several years, reports Agava Ltd.

11 December 2006 (11:06) Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank sets up new office in Yekaterinburg

11 December 2006 (11:04) Magnesite Industrial Complex goes for product diversification

11 December 2006 (11:02) Gold Crown payment system leaves the market

11 December 2006 (11:00) Chelyabinsk Coal Company assesses its success in November 2006

8 December 2006 (14:58)

8 December 2006 (12:00) Public dispute of ROSNO and UralTransBank stems from long-term mutual misunderstanding between insurers and bankers with different business interests, claims Assets Management Director of Unicom Partner Investment and Finance Company Vitaliy Kalugin

8 December 2006 (11:58) Local builder fails to meet subcontractor liabilities

8 December 2006 (11:56) Uralvneshtorgbank sums up results of its activity in eleven months of 2006

8 December 2006 (11:54) We get cases of unlicensed insurers issuing obligatory car insurance certificates, reports Law Office 35

8 December 2006 (11:52) 12 claims against MAKS Insurance Company laid with Yekaterinburg Consumer Rights Committee over eleven months of 2006

8 December 2006 (11:50) Quality of service and coverage area of MegaFon Ural facilitate our successful development, says Iota Ltd.

8 December 2006 (11:48) We won’t do business with Panasonic until it proves it plays fairly, says EuroSet retail chain

8 December 2006 (11:46) Re-branding really works for bank mergers, claims Head of Bank Ratings Department of Expert Rating Agency Pavel Samiev

8 December 2006 (11:44) Existing office sales prices to grow by 50% before the end of the year, reports Ural Chamber of Real Estate

8 December 2006 (11:42) Sverdlovsk Region deputies adopt local budget for 2007

8 December 2006 (11:40) Magnesite Industrial Complex invests 1.4bn RUR in company’s development in 2006, says GD Igor Anikievitch

7 December 2006 (11:30) ROSNO might be sanctioned

7 December 2006 (11:28) Russia’s leading home appliances retail chains combine against Panasonic

7 December 2006 (11:26) Olips starts retiring second bill tranche, reports Consulting BrokerCreditService

7 December 2006 (11:24) Volume of loans given by UralTransBank to sole traders despite overdraft account goes down by 44.7% in January-November 2006, reports Central Bank of Russia

7 December 2006 (11:22) Cutting out of heating to force 18 schools and 21 kindergartens of Polevskoy to close

7 December 2006 (11:20) Lada sales go down 30%

7 December 2006 (11:18) SibAcademBank wins National Banking Prize as the Most Dynamically Developing Bank

7 December 2006 (11:16) Use of subordinate loans by Uralvneshtorgbank to benefit its clients

7 December 2006 (11:14) Yekaterinburg builders do not insure their workers

7 December 2006 (11:12) Uraltrack Ltd. looks at its success in November 2006

7 December 2006 (11:10) Chelindbank offers New Year’s Premiere

6 December 2006 (13:00) Mayor of Yekaterinburg Arkadiy Chernetskiy signs Yekaterinburg Hotels Project today

6 December 2006 (12:58) Dispute between ROSNO and UralTransBank to damage reputation of both parties, claims local executive of Accord Invest Insurance Company Konstatin Selyanin

6 December 2006 (12:56) We handle claims against insurance companies on regular basis, reports Sverdlovsk Region Lawyers’ Guild

6 December 2006 (12:54) Association of Regional Russian Banks Coordination Committee holds public meeting in Yekaterinburg

6 December 2006 (12:52) Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin discuss regional building industry development and Academic construction project