6 March 2007 (14:22) Russian Tax Association reduces its share in Severnaya Kazna twice within a week

6 March 2007 (14:20) Uralmash Russian Machine Building Concern with Yekaterinburg-based headquarters to be set up soon, reports Nazim Efendiev of MetalloInvest Ltd.

6 March 2007 (14:18) Rosselkhoznadzor might ban import of cattle produce from EU beginning from April 1, 2007

6 March 2007 (14:16) Auto shows usually cooperate with four to six banks that offer low interest and no monthly commissions, says Okami Motors car center

6 March 2007 (14:14) Some British builders to take part in local construction projects, reports Britain’s Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg

6 March 2007 (14:12) Rosselkhoznadzor puts limits on meat import from U.S., France, Germany, Brazil, and Uruguay

5 March 2007 (10:40) Auto loan portfolio of Russian banks comes to $10 billion at the beginning of 2007

5 March 2007 (10:38) Ural Airlines’ cheap tickets from Yekaterinburg to Tel Aviv and back will definitely enjoy great demand

5 March 2007 (10:36) Galvanized and painted steel market of Ural Federal District comes to 250,000 tons in 2006

5 March 2007 (10:34) Tomsk-based subsidiary of URSA Bank congratulates veterans on their day

5 March 2007 (10:32) Evrazruda looks at results of its conservation activity in 2006

5 March 2007 (10:30) Accounting examination of Noviy Grad to be completed by April 2007

5 March 2007 (10:28) RusRating confirms B+ rating of SKB-Bank

5 March 2007 (10:26) Ural Airlines make very attractive offers in terms of Israel-bound flights, says Zima-Leto Travel Agency

5 March 2007 (10:24) Better part of grants given to Ural State University to be spent on lab equipment and books, reports Dean of Department of History

5 March 2007 (10:22) New pouring cranes assembled at Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Novokuznetsk

2 March 2007 (14:30) New pouring cranes assembled at Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Novokuznetsk

2 March 2007 (14:28) Federal Antimonopoly Service takes legal action against Sverdlovsk EnergoGas Company, reports SverdlovEnergoSbyt

2 March 2007 (14:26) Multi-faceted area development will cut costs and create nice room for living, claims Rector of Ural State Architectural Academy

2 March 2007 (14:24) Yekaterinburg Consumer Services Committee removes 57 playing machines from city’s kiosks and pavilions

2 March 2007 (14:22) RUSAL buys majority holding of Alscon

2 March 2007 (14:20) We use highly professional architects for Academic construction project, reports project manager Stanislav Pridvizhkin

2 March 2007 (14:18) Online advertising expenses to keep going up, claims SKB-Bank

2 March 2007 (14:16) Ural Bank of Sberbank of Russia backs Bank Cards for Small Businesses conference

2 March 2007 (14:14) Four Ural colleges to receive grants as part of National Education Project

2 March 2007 (14:12) 150 tickets a day bought through Ural Airlines’ online booking office in February 2007

1 March 2007 (14:30) We’ve got 193 applications for maternal money certificates, reports Sergey Dubinkin of Sverdlovsk Region division of Russian Federation Retirement Fund

1 March 2007 (14:28) 14 heads of state to attend Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, says Minister for International and Foreign Economic Relations of Sverdlovsk Region

1 March 2007 (14:26) SKB-Bank sets up offices in Nizhnevartovsk and Noyabrsk

1 March 2007 (14:24) Shares of UralSvyazInform drop by nearly 4%

1 March 2007 (14:22) SKB-Bank hits Top 30 Most Attractively Advertised Russian Banks rating by Medialogia

1 March 2007 (14:20) 200 legal entities and sole traders’ businesses suspended in 2006, says Chief Justice of Sverdlovsk Region

1 March 2007 (14:18) Regional export remains quite traditional, says Ministry for International and Foreign Economic Relations of Sverdlovsk Region

1 March 2007 (14:16) Yekaterinburg must look like European city and not like huge construction site during Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, says Governor Eduard Rossel

1 March 2007 (14:14) Large-scale construction projects can’t do without highly qualified professionals, says RENOVA Stroy Group

1 March 2007 (14:12) No panic due to possible ban on Indian rice is to be expected, reports Kirovskiy supermarket chain