7 March 2007 (16:34)

7 March 2007 (13:00) One way to make mortgage more affordable is putting up more houses, says SKB-Bank

7 March 2007 (12:58) Visa section in German Consulate-General gives extra opportunities to travel to Schengen area, says Olga Gular of Zima-Leto Travel Agency

7 March 2007 (12:56) Britain has a lot of experience in industrial site restoration, reports David Howell of British Expertise

7 March 2007 (12:54) Visa Section in German Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg will make trips to Germany easier for Sverdlovsk Region citizens, says Inna Averyanova of Inna Tour

7 March 2007 (12:52) Number of settlement accounts opened with us every month goes up 2.5 times since beginning of year, says SKB-Bank

7 March 2007 (12:50) German Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg starts issuing Schengen visas

7 March 2007 (12:48) Russian meat-processing companies might have to raise prices due to bans on import from U.S., France, Germany, Uruguay, and Brazil, says Good Taste Meatpacking Plant

7 March 2007 (12:46) 70% discount on tickets to Israel offered by Ural Airlines is enjoying great demand, says Lyudmila Getelman of Synagogue Jewish Community Center

7 March 2007 (12:44) Saint-P-based Heineken Commercial Service Ltd pays fine imposed by Federal Antimonopoly Service in Sverdlovsk Region

7 March 2007 (12:42) Arrival of McDonald’s in Yekaterinburg won’t change our catering market dramatically, claims Kupets supermarket chain

7 March 2007 (09:32) Набор картинок (Заголовок)