18 December 2006 (15:00) Noviy Grad destroys historic artefacts by pulling down historic buildings, claims regional division of All-Russian Society for Protection of Cultural Heritage

18 December 2006 (14:58) Criminal suit of IrtyshHydroSpetsStroy placed with public prosecution bodies of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region

18 December 2006 (14:56) Most complaints we get concern Home Credit and Finance Bank Ltd., claims Rospotrebnadzor

18 December 2006 (14:54) Ural division of Sberbank of Russia awards winners of Small Business Leader 2006

18 December 2006 (14:52) Creditors of UralTransBank might notice low effectiveness of resource management and reduce the number of long-term agreements

18 December 2006 (14:50) European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to become shareholder of SKB-Bank

18 December 2006 (14:48) Russian Copper Company wins tender for developing Kyzyl-Dere deposit

18 December 2006 (14:46) Regional metallurgical plant dumps 4.06m cubic meters of manufacturing water

18 December 2006 (14:44) If Yekaterinburg Meatpacking Plant Ltd. fails to meets its banking liabilities, the bank will have to stop giving loans and experience reputation damage, claims Accord Invest Investment Company

18 December 2006 (14:42) Three subsidiaries of UralElectroMed hit top-ten non-ferrous metallurgical enterprises of Sverdlovsk Region in terms of waste production

18 December 2006 (14:40) Russian Federation Government gets applications for state backup of Academic construction project and projects in Kamensk-Uralskiy and Revda