6 December 2006 (13:00) Mayor of Yekaterinburg Arkadiy Chernetskiy signs Yekaterinburg Hotels Project today

6 December 2006 (12:58) Dispute between ROSNO and UralTransBank to damage reputation of both parties, claims local executive of Accord Invest Insurance Company Konstatin Selyanin

6 December 2006 (12:56) We handle claims against insurance companies on regular basis, reports Sverdlovsk Region Lawyers’ Guild

6 December 2006 (12:54) Association of Regional Russian Banks Coordination Committee holds public meeting in Yekaterinburg

6 December 2006 (12:52) Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin discuss regional building industry development and Academic construction project

6 December 2006 (12:50) Regional businesses tend to borrow from banks rather than any other entity in first half of 206, reports Bank information and reference bulletin

6 December 2006 (12:48) MegaFon Ural offers to businesses reduce our cell phone communication expenses by a few times, says Global System Mobile Club

6 December 2006 (12:46) Existing home sales hit the average of 70,000 RUR per square meter in the center of Yekaterinburg

6 December 2006 (12:44) Volume of loans given by UralTransBank to nongovernmental commercial organizations for 91 to 180 days goes down by 55.5% in January-November 2006, reports Central Bank of Russia

6 December 2006 (12:42) VympelCom (Beeline) appoints new people in Ural Region branch

6 December 2006 (12:40) Dispute between ROSNO and UralTransBank keeps unwinding

6 December 2006 (12:38) We tackled cases involving Rosgosstrakh, RESO-Guarantee, and Guta Insurance, reports Galina Nizen of Offer Law Firm