12 January 2006 (09:52) Regional fuel operators plan to keep mineral oil prices stable

12 January 2006 (09:50) Upper limit for federal mortgage comes to 5.7 million RUR starting January 1, 2006

12 January 2006 (09:48) Over a billion RUR to be given for road building and maintenance as well as for municipal improvements

12 January 2006 (09:46) Delays and cancellations of three Mir Travel Company-booked flights are caused by failing to pay promptly, says Mikhail Churkanov, GD of Transglobal Airline CJSC

12 January 2006 (09:44) Selling Eurogreen Financial Investment Company shares violates shareholders’ selling privilege, metalworking plant of Kamishlov claims

12 January 2006 (09:42) KES Holding members incur losses in Sverdlovsk Oblast municipalities

12 January 2006 (09:40) Mir travel company’s winter holiday flights called off due to company’s failure to arrange timely payments to air carrier, says spokesperson for Transglobal airline

11 January 2006 (09:00) Sverdlovsk Region Government approves of local wholesale trade development strategy for 2006-2010

11 January 2006 (08:58) Upper limits of local tariffs on communal services set at 112% for 2006

11 January 2006 (08:56) Reftinskaya and Sredneuralskaya water power plants leave generating company TGK-9 January 1

11 January 2006 (08:54) Tube and steel casting company sums up its achievements for 2005

11 January 2006 (08:52) Shares of local bread maker subdued to asset management by the Food Market Development Agency

11 January 2006 (08:50) Refractory goods plant based in Sukhoy Log sums up its achievements for 2005

11 January 2006 (08:48) We have kept our mineral oil prices stable throughout the year, local oil dealer and filling station owner proudly says

11 January 2006 (08:46) Federal District Subsoil Resources Agency announces auctions Khioninskiy patch of Kushva suitable for geological research and gold mining